Turning Fact Into Fiction

10am - 4pm
Riverside Rooms, National Glass Centre, Liberty Way, Sunderland, SR6 0GL.

David Mark


How to turn everyday situations, normal people and half-formed ideas into an outline for a killer novel.


You may have a great idea for a story but there are still dozens of different ways to tell it. Today will help you plot the way forward.


An in-depth look at ensuring the characters who drive your story are believable, interesting and above all, worth the reader’s time.

Fine tuning

A look at all those tricky aspects of novel-writing, such as how and when to research, what to cut and what to save and how to keep going when inspiration dries up.

The next step

At a time when there have never been so many possible outlets for your work, what precisely should you do with your finished work?

We all learn by our mistakes. Thankfully, international bestseller David Mark has made so many mistakes that he is able to spare you the trouble of having to make too many for yourself.

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